Proper fencing off of municipal waste is important in every housing estate – regardless of its size. Constructions for litter bins allow you to better take care of the hygiene of the litter bins, as well as limit access to them by unauthorized persons and various types of pests. The solution is also used in private areas, allowing for better development of the space on the plot. These constructions for litter bins are distinguished by a solid structure and a modernist look, which does not disturb the space.

Type of walls

GMS-SYSTEM bin shelters are available in 7 types of fillings, ranging from lattice fillings to EX fillings, which are perfect for prestigious locations.

GMS‑A (ażurowe)projekt altany GMS-A
GMS‑K (krata)projekt altany GMS-K
GMS-EX (siatka cięto-ciągniona)projekt altany GMS-EX
GMS-QG (blacha perforowana)projekt altany GMS-QG
GMS‑Ż (żaluzja)projekt altany GMS-Ż
GMS‑C (panel)projekt altany GMS-C
GMS‑L (lamela)projekt altany GMS-L

Sizes of bin shelters

The GMS System constructions for litter bins have been sized to the basic garbage cans used in Poland. Thanks to this, we optimize the use of space. The sizes of constructions in the GMS System are presented in the table below. Our offer includes 4 sizes of constructions.

altana śmietnikowa mikro  altana śmietnikowa dual    altana śmietnikowa optimal   altana śmietnikowa maxi

Micro 1 container x110l                        Dual 2 containers ­x 1100l              ­Optimal 4 containers x 1100l      ­Maxi 6 containers x ­1100l

2x2m                                                                                      2x3m                                                               4x3m                                                   4x5m



   RAL 9010               RAL 8017                   RAL 8017 mat         RAL 8004         RAL 6020 mat          RAL 3005             RAL 9006
RAL 7016                   RAL 6005               ocynk

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