Modern aluminum fences

We design our products to be as durable and safe as possible with the least possible involvement of the user. In order to meet the above conditions, the ZALU brand products are made of powder coated aluminum, which guarantees resistance to weather conditions while maintaining high aesthetics.


Modular construction of aluminum systems

We make spans, wickets, swing and sliding gates in the seamless technology. This allows you to create any filling arrangements with the use of ZALU aluminum system profiles. The modular structure of ZALU systems allows you to mix the colours of the profiles within one span, wicket, gate or other aluminum structure.


Fillings and load-bearing profiles

The ZALU system profiles of fillings are designed as double-sided. The profile is smooth on one side and ribbed on the other. This treatment increases the possibility of combining with the design of spans, wickets, gates and other aluminum structures. The fillings are mounted horizontally with gaps that can be freely selected. Gaps can also be different within one span.

Available colours

ZALU profiles are produced in the following colours as standard: RAL7016, RAL9005 and RAL9006. Other colours from the RAL palette are available at an additional cost, and the waiting time for the completion of the order will be extended. PERSONALIZATION – the modular structure allows you to create any colour arrangements in the final products so that their style corresponds to the target environment as much as possible.


Sliding gates

ZALU sliding gates are made in the seamless technology. Aluminum profiles are screwed with stainless steel fasteners. The ZALU chassis, made of aluminum, is designed so that the door operation is as quiet as possible. The adjustable drive shelf fits most automatic drives available on the market.


Swing gates and wickets

Swing gates and wickets, like other structures in the ZALU system, are screwed together. Such solutions allow for any shaping of the final product. ZALU system solutions eliminate vertical gaps between spans, gates, gates and posts. The lack of vertical gaps guarantees a consistent design of the entire fence.

Aluminum woodshed

Aluminum garden woodshed for storing wood for the fireplace. It is delivered in ready-made elements, intended for self-assembly. It has a solid structure made of aluminum profiles, and at the same time is light and subtle – it is an interesting and decorative detail of garden architecture. It is equipped with a roof made of aluminum sheet and a floor that insulates the wood from the ground.

It is made of 100% aluminum, powder coated and bolted together with stainless steel elements. The product is intended for self-assembly. We offer 2 capacities: 4 m³ (2.3 m x 1 m, 1.75 m H) and 6 m³ (3.5 m x 1 m, 1.75 m H).

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