Fencing panels are a perfect way to enclose, companies, private lots residential areas, sports objects, parking lots, parks and playgrounds.

Our fencing panels possess a perfect anti corrosive protection in the form of galvanization . Both Panels and poles are galvanized and may additionally be powder coated. Covering a galvanized surface with a powder coat does not only give the fencing an aesthetic look, but also blocks the process of oxidation of zinc. Our panel fences are characterized by a high quality of production, high durability and a good value for money factor. Fencing Panels are a ideal way to enclose companies, private buildings, residential areas, sports objects, parking lots, parks, and playgrounds. Panel fencing is a very popular, aesthetic and easy to assemble

The system of panel fences consists of grid panels 2500 mm wide of an eyelet 50×200 mm, fencing poles of a cross section of 40×60 mm with assembly clips and a plastic cap. As a supplement to the offer are the prefabricated foundation double swing gateways as well as gates and cantilever sliding gates.

In our offer we also have safe panels without sharp tips which are applicable for fencing children playgrounds.