Industrial photovoltaic farms are usually high-budget investments, located in rural areas, which require appropriate protection in the form of a solid and durable fence. The most common form of farm fencing are mesh and panel fences. Depending on the contractual requirements, the materials used are the appropriate thickness of the wires, the correct anti-corrosion coating and the appropriate height. In order to ensure high security, the fences are often finished with barbed wires and the entrances are secured with solid gates. TOP FENCE specializes in servicing general contractors of photovoltaic farms in the supply of complete fencing systems. We have a database of reliable suppliers, logistic facilities and experience that allow us to implement the most difficult contracts and meet the individual needs of investors, as well as deliver fences to any place in Poland. So far, we have delivered complete fences to several hundred photovoltaic farms, and thanks to the constantly implemented contracts, their number is constantly growing.