UniTherm – a super warm garage door

The new generation of WIŚNIOWSKI sectional doors presents extraordinary quality, based on a set of unique technical solutions.


The UniTherm door meets stringent standards in terms of resistance to wind, water penetration and air permeability. The coefficients of these parameters have an impact not only on extending the life of the door, but also on maintaining its aesthetic values ​​for years. *

* 20,000 cycles means almost 14 years of efficient operation with 4 cycles a day.




INNOVO panel 60mm

The unique structure of the Innovo panel with a thickness of 60 mm allows for excellent heat transfer parameters. At the same time, it is an excellent base for building a coat. Special solutions, such as the 5-layer sheet folding system, ensure stable mounting of the elements, which further increases the strength of the structure.

1.flexible inter-panel cover

2.aluminum profile for fastening flexible covers

3. five sheet metal layers at the hinge mounting point

4. inter-panel sealing

5. concealed hinge

6. polyurethane foam



innovo prime


The UniTherm gate was created in response to the needs of energy-saving construction. It takes full advantage of the thermal properties of the INNOVO panel with a thickness of 60 mm and the sealing systems used in it. This is more energy saved at home, because heat losses have been eliminated in the most sensitive areas of the door leaf. The panel’s heat transfer coefficient is 0.33 W / m2K, which translates into excellent thermal insulation of the entire door.

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