The aluminum fences from FENZ offer privacy and safety, as well as being an ideal complement to the modern architecture of houses or utility buildings.

We provide the highest quality products to the most demanding customers we offer different fencing patterns as well as other elements of the house’s surroundings like movable gates and gateways.

The advanced technology of aluminum processing as well as the high class design makes up for the product meeting the needs of people for whom the aesthetics and durability are the most important.

A brief layout of FENZ technologies.

Complete fencing system from FENZ are light, aesthetic and very durable at the same time, as all of its elements apart from the screws, hinges, and bolts, which are made of stainless steel, are made from corrosion and damage resistant.

The small parts of the fence are laser cut, which ensures a unique precision. The patented unique technology of making fencing panels allows for an easy and quick assembly of the construction, at the same time in ensures its durability.