We are pleased to present the wide range of fence systems from WIŚNIOWSKI

The term “fence system” refers to gates, wickets, segments, poles and assembly accessories, meaning all the necessary elements to enclose an area in a functional way.

By ordering a complete system you obtain a unified appearance of the whole fence. You can rest assured, that it will be easy to assemble.

Garage doors, gates, windows, doors, fences in matching DESIGN

Looking for durable and beautiful solutions for your home? Good design and harmonious appearance of your property is important to you? Take advantage of the possibilities that the Home Inclusive collection gives you and create a uniform design of your garage doors, gates, windows, doors, and fences by WIŚNIOWSKI. Choose from 16 refined colours with a unique metallic 3D structure, pick patterns and details, and make your dream about a perfect home become reality.

Colour plays a significant part in the Home Inclusive collection. The WIŚNIOWSKI brand has created a palette of 16 new structural colours with metal specks that create a magical 3D effect and bring depth to the finish. They are professional paints in silk matte shades with a soft sandgrain structure. The new palette includes bold shades just to show that they can be used to create beautiful combinations and perfectly match the building.