We also provide our customers with fencing poles for meshes, panels, pitches gates and wickets. Depending on the need and the type of fencing we use poles made out of pipe (from a fi 42 up to 60) or a closed profile (from 40×60 -100×100) of different thickness of walls and different heights

Poles for meshroma:534383_p

Galvanized fi42, with a cup:

Galvanized and powder coated, fi 42 green, with a cup:

Galvanized PCV covered, fi 42 green, with cup:

Panel fencing poles

Galvanized 40×60 with cup:

Galvanized and powder coated 40×60, with cup:

Poles for gates and wickets

Galvanized, galvanized and powder coated, with a profile of 60x60mm, 80x80mm, 100x100mm with the height made on the individual demand of the customer.

Poles for sports object fences

Galvanized, galvanized and powder coated posts, with a diameter of 60mm or a cross section of 40x60mm, 40x80mm, 60x60mm or 80x80mm, up to the height of 7000mm