A unique composition of profiles

The fencing system from FENZ includes four span profiles (50, 100, 150 and 200 mm). The customer has the possibility to choose their own composition, due to this the fencing becomes unique and one of a kind.

Patterning and design

A differentiated range of colours, a simple form, and modern technology as well as the high quality of the materials make the PREMIER fences meets the needs even the most demanding customers, who expect solutions tailored to their expectations.

No welds

House fences, offered by PREMIER do not require welding joints. It is easy to connect the individual elements, and the ready fence looks much more aesthetic.

High durability

Aluminum is a material exceptionally resistant to mechanical damage, and coating used by use provide an extra protection against corrosion and atmospherical conditions. That`s why aluminum fences are a solution for years to come.

Innovativity in assembly

The horizontal elements of our aluminum fences are mounted with mechanical connectors. Due to his the assembly is quick and the individual elements are easy to replace.


FENZ produces fences for houses of different sizes. Modern technology allows to create spans of larger sizes.

PREMIER is a combination of profiles ranging from 50 through 100, 150 up to 200 mm. The customer can create their own unique fencing.
Aluminum pillar sized 60×60, 80×80 or 100×100 mm is an alternative for the brick pillars. The fence can be completely based on these kinds of pillars.
Regulated hinges and non-corrosive screws made of stainless steel are the baes elements of the FENZ. Additionally you can equip the gate with the accessories listed below.
A double wing gateway is a classical drive through gate available in the unique PREMIER type system. Its aluminum frame has an astonishing durability – which allows a stable and failure free operation of the gateway for years to come.
The PREMIER type sliding gate is a comfortable and modern solution, which allows to save space. The construction of the gate, similarly as in the case of the whole fencing is based on aluminum.

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