A perfect compromise

Modern REGULAR aluminum fences is a compromise for people, who care for their privacy, but also want their fence to present itself in a light not overwhelming way. This is due to the 150 mm profile. lot fencing of this type are available in many fashionable colors.

Patterning and design

The fencing design connects lightness and reliability. A wider gap between the spans ensures a better amount of light for your lawn and the plants in the vicinity of the fence, and the high quality of aluminum which all the REGULAR products are made of guarantee durability for years to come. This type of fencing harmonises with modern minimalistic architecture.

No welds

Fenz knows how to create a fence that is easy to make and elegant at the same time. Our system does not require welded joints, as it is in the case of wrought iron fences. This guarantees an elegant connection of individual elements of the fence such as spans, gates and gateways.

High durability

By using aluminum and special coating we create a product which is resistant to all weather conditions. The aluminum fences unlike the steel ones, better withstand the trial of time and require less preservation.

Innovativity in assembly

The horizontal elements of our fencing are assembled with mechanical connectors. This allows both a quick assembly, and disassembly, if the need arises to exchange an element of the fencing.


Fenz offers fencing systems of different sizes,, which includes elements such as spans, pillars, gates and gateways. We use the most modern technology, which allows to produce spans of huge sizes. The customers can order high aluminum fences which provide privacy and safety of the lot. The size of each fence is adjusted to the customers needs with a ±1 mm accuracy.

The 150 mm profile characterises the REGULAR fencing as a light construction, and its dimensions make up for its ideal harmony.
Aluminum pillar sized 60×60, 80×80 or 100×100 mm is an alternative for the brick pillars.The fence can be completely based on these kinds of pillars.
The gate has adjustable hinges made from stainless steel as well as non-corrosive screws. There is an extra option of equipping the gate with stainless steel railings and handles.
A double winged gate is a classical solution for all type REGULAR fences. A durable aluminum frame allows a stable and failure free operation of the GRAND double wing gateway for years to come.
REGULAR sliding gates allow to save space, it is convenient to open, and its construction – as it is in the case of the whole fence – is completely based on aluminum.

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