Comprehensive, easy to assemble with the possibility of reusing the floating fence allows a temporary and effective enclosure of an area such as construction sites, public event areas or demonstrations. The temporary fences are especially useful in construction but hey can be applied as wall during roadblocks, fairs, exhibitions, stockpiles, storage areas or public event areas.

The temporary fences consist of a light construction spans of 3500 x 2000 mm, filled with welded wires of 3 or 4 mm, creating eyelets of 100×200 mm. The frame is made from horizontal pipes of a 32 mm diameter and vertical pipes of a 42 mm diameter. The sets include a concrete foot and a buckle enabling the connection of spans.

Floating fences fall under the specialized fencing. This kind of fencing need to meet specific requirements. First of all they need to fulfil the primary requirement which is a quick assembly and disassembly. This is possible thanks to a simple while solid assembly method.