Steel forged elements

In our offer one can also find a wide variety of forged elements for fences and balustrades. Thanks to these you will be able of create unique gates, special fences and unconventional balustrades. We are a distributor for Postal the largest roducer of forged elements in Poland

stalowe elementy kute

Our offer includes:

We also offer a wide variety of accessories for gates and fences including, racks, rolls, gate carriages, hinges, locks, insert apds, latches, bolts, paints and patinas

Stainless steel products from PINOX

Wanting to meet the newest trends we have broadened our offer with the stainless steel elements from PINOX for railings and balustrades.  Thanks to these you will be able to create modern constructions of stainless steel balustrades and make use of the innovative solutions.

The offered balustrades elements from PINOX are made from top quality stainless steel type 304 or 216 wit the use of the most modern technology.Our offer includes.